About us

Proven experience

Lucentia Lab S.L. is a spin-off of the University of Alicante which aims to provide an advisory, development, maintenance and training service in Business Intelligence projects (BI) to development companies and purchasers of Business Intelligence applications. Lucentia Lab has more than 15 years of experience in Business Intelligence applications developed by the Lucentia Group and is promoted by academics and renowned professionals in different areas (economy, intellectual property, educational psychology...).

We use advanced techniques in strategizing, requirements extraction, data warehousing generation and design, dashboards and analysis of Big Data.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence aims to improve the efficiency of the company and to improve this efficiency is necessary to know what is wrong, so it focuses on knowing at all times the performance of different areas and processes of the company.

Are all companies that focus on an activity equals? Is your company like all the others?

Not all companies engaged in the same activity are the same, that is, each company intends to reach different market niches and therefore do not need the same type of information.

In Lucentia Lab we are aware of the importance of the company goals, so we do a requirements specification of the IN system aligned with the strategic plan and the values of the company, so it knows at all times what lines of action are working, which are not and where is the problem. But if there is not a clear strategy is not an obstacle for us, because we have methods to get a clear view of what is to be achieved and how.



  • Address: Calle Portugal, 1 - Local 1
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  • Email: info@lucentialab.com
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