BI & Analitics

Business Intelligence system to your needs


In Lucentia Lab we perform multiple tasks so the information reaches where it is useful:

  • We identify the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and not monitorable targets.

  • We evaluate about the lack or excess of indicators for efficient management.

  • We analyze and track any information used up to the sources to verify its quality and completeness.

... And we take care of the entire implementation cycle, so we move from the needs to the opportunities:

analisis de fuentes

We perform analysis of sources.


We design the information repository.


We develop cleaning processes , integration and data load.

cuadros de mando

We create custom dashboards.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence aims to improve the efficiency of the company and focuses on knowing at all times the performance of different areas and processes of this.

business intelligence

A company is a specific set of data from one type of activity. Are all companies that focus on an activity equals? Is your company like all the others?


Each company aims to reach different market niches and, therefore, the same information may involve taking opposite decisions depending on the company.


The company values ​​are reflected in its strategy and objectives. In this case, the strategy defines what information is important for the company, and what not. When the company analyzes its data should be able to understand its meaning, if not, the Business Intelligence system does not fulfill its role.

In Lucentia Lab we are aware about the importance of the objectives of the companies, so we do a requirements specification of the Business Intelligence system to your needs, so you know at all times what courses of action are working, what is not and where is the problem.

If you do not have a clear strategy, we have methods to get a clear view of what is to be achieved and how, you just have to contact us.



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