Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) measure the performance of the company goals. They are key elements used in decision making for evaluating whether there is something that is not working.

  • Understand why a KPI has some value requires context information.

  • KPIs influence other KPIs -> What is the root of the problems?

  • Who implements the KPIs? In complex Business Intelligence platforms is not a simple task.

  • Is the value returned correct? MDX queries make it complex to validate the KPI for Business Intelligence users.


A better way to see the KPIs is as follows:

  • With a comprehensive description.

  • With multiple charts to find the problems described by the data.

  • Always linked to the current process or business strategy.

In Lucentia Lab we help you defining KPIs, a fundamental task that improves knowledge about the level of performance of the company at any time.

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