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Strategic Planning

Lucentia method

In Lucentia Lab we have a method dedicated to creating the analytical support that your strategy needs. We use strategic planning as one of the pillars that guide the development of Business Intelligence Systems to your needs...

... And if the strategy is not clearly defined yet, we are able to apply our modeling techniques to enable its monitoring.

strategic planning

We help you to have a clear view of your goals and processes to establish a Business Intelligence strategy that prioritises what processes and departments of your company need support the infrastructure is not available.

And also gives you a fuller view of the impact of decisions, search for alternatives and solutions to problems of efficiency in your company.

The definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) is a fundamental task to learn an easy and understandable way the level of performance of the company. If the Business Intelligence system does not provide visibility to the strategy and flexibility for analysis, it is not supporting your company.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning determines the objectives of the organization and how to achieve them. The vision, mission and values ​​of the company are part of the Strategic Planning, this is what makes it different from other companies that work in the same activity.

It can be found in a document or displayed on a strategic map.

However, there are multiple reasons for planning to fail:

  • Unachievable goals.

  • Poor implementation of the strategy.

  • Lack of an adequate information system for monitoring.

Is there a clear list of strategic goals and how to achieve them? Do you know at all times the status of every strategic goal? Is the information accessible for each goal and process responsible?


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