About the project

Eğitmenler İçin Bilgi İşlemsel Düşünme is the Turkish version of the successful online course Computational Thinking for Educators created by Google. This MOOC, framed in the proyect Keşf@ Bilinçli İnternet Hareketi Projesi (Project for Conscious Internet Use) and promoted by the Istanbul National Provincial Directorate of Education, Google, and the Internet Development Board, aimss to help teachers to become familiar with computational thinking, learn about its differences from computing, and discover how it can be integrated into a wide variety of educational settings.

Developed using the latest technologies (Vue.js, Python, Oppia) on the Google Cloud, this course allows teachers to increase their knowledge of computational thinking, explore practical examples of its application in different areas and trace a plan to integrate computional thinking into your own curricula. the proyect also contains a series of activities and educational materials designed for 6th grade primary school students that teachers can use in the field of Information Technology.


  • Internet-related basics
  • Use and role of the Internet in everyday life
  • Quick and effective methods to access information through the Internet
  • Reliable criteria of web resources
  • Basic rules for “digital citizens”
  • Manage of fingerprint and online reputation
  • Strong password generation methods
  • Protection against the different dangers that we can find on the Internet



This project was officially presented in Ankara-Haymana before more than 200 professors in the field of computational thinking during the Training Presentation Days dedicated to educators related to Information Technology and Software.

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