About the project

We are witnessing the birth of a new industrial revolution, in which machines not only do work that minimizes physical effort, but can now intelligently collaborate with each other for better results. It is the birth of the Internet of things, and day by day, more and more organizations are relying on the growing capabilities of different physical devices: autonomous vehicles, smart buildings, and many others that have elements such as electronics, software, sensors, actuators… that are capable of capturing and exchanging data.

All these products are known as Smart Connected Products (SCP). SCPs will support operations in different contexts such as Smart manufacturing, smart cities, smart travelling and smart driving or smart e-health among others. So the are the key in future economy of organizations. But SCP product operations can fail if the quality level of the generated data is not taken into account and tracked.

If this happens, then organizations will not be able to benefit from the advantages of the Internet of Things and the use of SCPs.

Therefore, it seems reasonable for organizations to implement a series of activities related to data quality management to optimize these DQ operations. So, the objective of this proyect is to develop a data quality management framework will be based on international standards, such as the ISO 8000-60 series.


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