Internet of things

We are witnessing the birth of a new industrial revolution, in which machines not only carry out work that minimizes physical effort, but also now can collaborate with each other intelligently to obtain better results.


Identification and recognition of objects

Web and mobile applications using the best technology in objects reading.

The identification, recognition and reading of texts make up an area within Computer Vision that has been under development in the last decade, based on neural network models capable of detecting objects in moving images in real time.


Intelligent Torre Juana

Sensorization in our environment

We aim, starting from all the data at our disposal, to add to the system a predictive function that informs the direction of events of which there is not yet any indication, but that our studies announce that they may occur.



Computational Thinking for Educators

This MOOC aims to help teachers to become familiar with computer thinking, to know their differences in computer science and to discover how they can be integrated into a wide variety of educational environments.



Time and attendance control

Development of an application in blockchain, a technology that provides greater transparency and efficiency to transactions, eliminates intermediaries, improves security and traceability in the exchange of data.


Sales prediction

We help you to predict any product as a customized way.

Demand prediction allows production to adjust to peak demand, anticipating it and avoiding both the need for overtime and loss of income due to the inability to meet said demand.

FN- proyect

Fake News

Monitoring and control of fake news and misinformation

The famous fake news or false news are the best known part of the phenomenon of disinformation. Not only is it a phenomenon on the rise but it also appears as one of the greatest threats of our time to social and democratic stability.

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