Sales prediction

We help you to predict any product as a customized way.

About the project


Demand forecasting allows production to be adjusted in the face of demand peaks, anticipating this and avoiding both the need to perform overtime and the loss of income due to the inability to supply said demand.

To carry out this task, the prediction models are trained with historical information combined with information on environmental or other factors that affect them, achieving greater precision than with simple statistical estimates.


The prediction can be done in two ways:

  1. Annual estimate of sales. For this process an estimate is made at one year view of the evolution of sales with the available data.
  2. Estimation of a selected period (less than one year). For this process, a start date and an end date are chosen, and, based on the data information, a forecast of the evolution of sales is made. The closer the start date is to the current time, the more accurate future sales the model will provide with more recent environmental information.

The project focuses on each center or point of sale for the products that you want to make the prediction. The visualization of these is seen through graphs and tables, giving the prediction data a margin of error according to the product.

Carrying out a sales estimate will bring the company some notable benefits:


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