At Lucentia Lab, we continue to work from home

Due to the emergency situation that our country is going through, the Lucentia Lab team has been working from home since March 13th. It is our responsibility to follow health recommendations and to protect the health of our employees and customers above all else.

Thanks to the equipment available in the company and the experience accumulated in previous years in international projects, in which it is common to work online and communicate through video calls, it has been easy to adapt to the situation and that this has not affected quality or quantity of the work we do.

For this reason, today more than ever, we remain more strongly than ever and dedicated to providing consulting and technological support to our clients, to help their businesses stay afloat while the pandemic lasts, and beyond …

It is time to provide tools that help companies, especially SMEs, to adapt to this new reality based on teleworking, and for this, we recomend our ClockChain time control tool, which we ourselves use and which enable us to start with the tracking of the working hours of employees in remote work immediately. It can be used free of charge, at least for the duration of the alarm state, although the costs are minimal under normal conditions.

Both ClockChain and the PredIA Platform are two of the developments that Lucentia Lab has made available to the Generalitat Valenciana so that it can incorporate them into the resource repository to fight this crisis, in the first case helping SMEs to adapt to telework and, in the second, to make predictions through big data analytics that help decision-making by public officials.

We are at your disposal at and we have the office phone forwarded, so you can also call us at 965772167.

Much encouragement to all.


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